The Caldwell Academy

(shaping the lives of our youth)


The Caldwell Academy is the Mentoring arm of The ROOTS Foundation that focuses on professional coaching and guidance of those in the program.

This unique program is full of experiential learnings of life lessons that stay with the participants for a life time.

The Academy’s approach to mentoring and teaching the students is one that uses several proven techniques. Facilitated by certified leaders teaching the models and concepts while managing the powerful outcomes, each student takes away life changing insights from the program.

The curriculum of the program is tailored specifically for each group. A series of workshops, concepts and lectures are powerfully put together to literally mold a new paradigm for the graduates.


One example workshop is how we arrive at and decide on the choices we make.

The Academy recognizes that there is more to us as humans than the physical law that ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”  The resulting model below is dissected thoroughly with our participants.

At the Academy these moments of choice are called moments of truth. We understand that the true nature of our choice is based on the true nature of our being. We either go with or against that true nature with every choice we make. Since we can always choose either way, having the comprehensive knowledge of these moments gives us a level of power that is both freeing and empowering.


In keeping with The ROOTS Foundation’s mission:

The Academy offers several more models and concepts creating life changing paradigms necessary to realize and reach ones powerful potential within.

Testimonials of Graduates:

“This program has made me a better person”

  1. C.Jones

“I wish my family could go through this training”

  1. S.Martinez

“I like the way I feel about myself now after going through this class”

  1. M.Jefferson