Officers of The ROOTS Foundation




Dedicated, engaged, creative leaders working together for our future


President: Clarence Caldwell

The passion Mr. Caldwell has for the healing of human distress and conflict is remarkable. He has lived and walked at the lowest and highest levels of society finding the keys to rising above conflict, pain, guilt, regret, poverty and misery. His style and skill in identifying and resolving the underlying causes to these afflictions is unique and extremely effective.

As a certified Mediator, Life Coach, business school grad and street school grad as well as an executive with multiple fortune 500 companies, Mr. Caldwell has all the credentials needed to uniquely work with today’s young adults in teaching them the skills to successfully realize their dreams.

Vice President: Richard Benbow

Mr. Benbow has a deep sense of community and a true passion to help and mentor those in search of answers to help better themselves and their community.  Whether it is helping young men navigate their paths to personal change, listening to those that want to be heard, or coaching young boys, Mr. Benbow is committed to the task of impacting lives for the better.  Mr. Benbow’s participation in this project is an extension of that commitment and dedication to serve and assist those in need to reach their full potential and attain their greatest aspirations.

Secretary: Darryl Ryan

This project aims to bring people together from all different backgrounds and create change – and I have answered the call to change and enhance my community through action and compassion. I am deeply rooted in the principles of service to others, and place my energies around serving my community. ROOTS is a constant reminder that service to others is central to our lives, and that sacrifice and unconditional love must guide us and inspire us to lead lives of compassion, mercy and justice. The true essence of success and giving back reinforces a commitment to helping those in need, giving hope to those in despair, and spreading joy, peace and understanding throughout the community. My service begins and ends in my home (roots) community, and it starts with the people around me and reaches out to people across the world.

Treasurer: Mitchell Christopher