Making a Real Difference


Going beyond traditional mentoring methods, typical of like programs (behaviors, hygiene, job searching, networking etc.) ROOTS seeks to also pair each person up with mentors that are in the field of interest to the mentee. (Athletes, Lawyers, Doctors, Musicians, Business leaders and so on)

Additionally, ROOTS uses genealogy research to show each young person that they don’t need to fight and in some cases die for their neighborhood or clothes color, since they are part of a larger global community. Breaking this psychological bond to the hood opens the mentee up for amazing discoveries.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

The main focus of The ROOTS Foundation is the liberation of young people at risk. At risk by virtue of the current circumstances they are in. Many people are at a place of despair because of their external surroundings.

Think of our inner city youth that see no way out; simply because there are few positive role models they can look up to and emulate; or because they are living in poverty where there are very few options available to them; or simply because they have never realized their true potential and don’t believe they have any potential beyond the fleeting and dangerous accomplishments in the streets.

The ROOTS Foundation teaches a new paradigm for these ‘at risk’ youth and provides a map for them leading to a fulfilling, empowered, enlightened life.

This is part of a gift that all of us are given when we are born in this world. Unfortunately the cards that are dealt to many do not support the pursuit of happiness. The ROOTS Foundation helps to re-stack the deck so that this American right can be exercised and the dream realized. Not through handouts but through education, empowerment and enlightenment.

Join us in making a difference in this

world by helping our young adults dream a difference and make

a difference in their world.